Website Proposal for Facial Aesthetic Concepts
Developed by Organic Communications

Websites Are Not Works of Art
No matter how fancy or elegant the design might be, websites are not meant to be static,
unchanging monuments to your practice. In fact, it’s quite the opposite — your website should be dynamic, modern and engaging so your prospective and current patients stick around. Websites that don’t evolve with the times end up looking like ancient relics after a few years.
Most of our web design clients fall into two groups: those who need a new website from scratch, and those with a website that is so out-of-date that it’s better to build a new one rather than fix the site they have. Your website isn’t outdated, it just needs a makeover that incorporates the rebranding of the practice with the current trends in design and usability. And more importantly, is designed to engage your targeted audiences.
The makeover will also address security issues that crop up on older websites. Bad actors on the internet can exploit lapses in security and access your website. The new website will update your security with the most current version of Word Press and security plugins which significantly reduce your chances of a security breach.
Project Overview
A successful online presence must conform as well as innovate. Creativity must be balanced with familiar web conventions that aid users, such as key site elements appearing in consistent locations. Organic Communications understands the expectations these standards have created and we take advantage of users’ previous knowledge of the web while developing a look and feel that is uniquely yours.
The website will be developed in Word Press using a customized responsive theme. The theme will be tested to ensure Google’s mobile friendly status and fast load time.
The website will be developed using the content from the current wesite as the staring point. You will have the opportunity to edit, delete and add copy and content prior to develping the website. You will also have the ability to make unlimited revisions through the development process.
Project Scope
A static comp of the home page will be developed to ensure that design and branding concepts are being strictly followed and approved. This static image will directly reflect the look and feel that the final built website will take on. We will be sure to highlight key elements and make sure users have a real direction on how they should use and interact with your website.
Once the overall design has been finalized, the site will be developed. You will have the option to edit and/or make additions to the development site prior to launch. The site will be developed using the appropriate, standards compliant coding languages, including any necessary PHP and Java Script behaviors.
The website will consist of approximately 50 pages in the About, Services, Pricing Store and Forever Ageless Club sections. The photo gallery/case studies section will contain 100+ pages. The new case study pages will contain patient descriptions and procedures similar to the in office portfolio books.
An important but often overlooked aspect of building a new website is on-page SEO. All page content will be optimized for search engines and users. The common on-page SEO practices will include optimizing title tags, content, internal links and URLs. All images will contain SEO driven alt tags.
Prior to launch, Organic Communications will test the new website thoroughly on Mac, PC and mobile operating systems, targeting today’s most popular browsers to ensure the user experience is consistent and correct. Only after the site has been evaluated and tested will the site be taken live.
We will continue to work with you after the site launches to correct any problems that were not identified and corrected prior to going live.
Investment & Timelines
We try to create a realistic and reachable project plan that is responsive to our client’s goals and time lines. Our goal is to strike a delicate balance between remaining flexible and accommodating and seeing that the project moves ahead on time and on budget.
Development of static home page to establish look and feel 1 week
Revisions to static comp after receipt of edit 1 week
First draft excluding photo gallery 2 weeks
Revisions to first draft after receipt of edits 1 week
Photo gallery development 2 weeks
Revisions to all pages 1 week
SEO and technical audit and edits 2 weeks
Final revsions 1 week
Creative Fees
Based on the information that was supplied, we have provided a breakdown of the costs associated with the new website.
• Design and development of website to include $2000.00
• Graphics and stock photography as needed included
• SEO audit 200.00
• ADA comliance modual included
Total Investment $2200.00
50% ($849.50) of estimated creative fees due upon acceptance. Final 50% ($849.50) due upon launch of completed website.
We appreciate the opportunity to present this proposal to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For Archer Health:____________________________________ Date:______________
For Organic Communications:_____________________________ Date: October 18, 2021